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Friday, October 9, 2009

Can't Decide...

This phrase was a custom request and I thought it was so darling that I made six possible designs. Except now, I can't decide which to feature in our online wall quote collection.

Help! Tell me, what's your vote?


  1. I like #4 and #6 myself, but that's just me:)

  2. Number 6 for sure!! So cute!! I love that quote. One day when I own my home I'm going to have you guys make me a quote that says "running through the kitchen naked while eating ice cream" but in Italian. Your guys are awesome!!

  3. Sheesh! You're killin' me...but I'll say #3 and #5. Hey! I narrowed it WAY down!! ;^)

  4. I like #4. It was fun to meet you both at HOSB today. Good luck with everything you are working on!