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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Once Upon A Time...

I am wooed by this quote from a Nicole Krauss' lovely novel The History of Love and want to add it to our collection. But again, I can't decide which format to use...

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Exhibit C
I really like the juxtaposition of a fancy script with a traditional print font (or paired with a modern sans serif adds a lively punch). I especially like Charlesworth (the uppercase letters in exhibits A and B) because of its bold but delicate lines. Almond Script (the script font used in these examples) is one of our newest font acquisitions and I can't quite get enough of it. I love its sloped orientation, its thick strokes and its sweeping highs and lows.

For this particular quote, I wanted to highlight the phrase "a boy who loved a girl" most of all, but also "he wanted to spend his whole life" which I think is perhaps the loveliest part of the whole passage. True love is always about giving yourself to another and I think this captures that essence beautifully.

Also - the "Once upon a time" captures all the magic and I wanted that to stay an integral part of the design (like in exhibits B and C perhaps?) Thoughts?


  1. They're all lovely, but I vote C. My reasons are particular though, because i don't personally care for things done in all caps. I also think I like how only one phrase is done in Almond Script-- I like things simple:)