Wednesday, February 6, 2019

January 2019 Customer Photo Winner

We love inspiring kids to read, and it looks like Lauren does too! This is such a great book shelf - I love that you see the covers of the book first - great for little ones and there are so many great illustrations. Your book storage becomes a work of art!

Lauren ordered our On The Night You Were Born Wall Quotes™ Decal in the largest 22" tall x 37" wide size, and hers is in our Slate color - a lovely dark gray. 

This decal would look great above your reading area in your little's room, playroom, or classroom! 

She won the $50 in shop credit for our customer photo giveaway this month! Make sure to send in your photos to enter our drawing. Just email us: Or, tag us @wallquotes on Instagram or @belvederedesigns on Facebook


Thursday, January 3, 2019

December 2018 Customer Photo Winner

Who else has a dog that thinks the world of them? Linda has a Shih Tzu and a Maltese (see them at the top of the stairs - so cute!) but also works as a dog sitter in her home. She has this wall that is right inside the door and is the first thing visitors see and wanted something fun and inspirational for them. 

We worked though some design options for her and she settled on this great design in White. It is perfect for an entryway since it doesn't stick out so wagging tails won't knock it off the wall!

Linda won the $50 in shop credit for our customer photo giveaway this month! Make sure to send in your photos to enter our drawing! Just email us: Or, tag us @wallquotes on Instagram or @belvederedesigns on Facebook


Monday, December 31, 2018

DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Today I'm sharing the step-by-step for this gorgeous wedding sign along with the major mistake I made! Follow along so you don't make the same mistake I did! 

I've shared a couple of DIY signs, so I'm jumping right to the part with the stencil. If you need a refresher, visit my first post here and follow along until the stencil installation.

For this bride, she wanted a layered multi-colored look. So we did the first layer of the branches with a vinyl stencil and paint.

I used Valspar's Ivory Lace for the base - white was too stark for this project. I installed the first layer of vinyl and painted my background color over it. This is ESSENTIAL so the color doesn't bleed. You'll see why later.

My stencil hangs off the side a little, but that is ok since a frame will get added later.

Once the Ivory Lace was dry (in a few hours), I painted the lighter color of green we were using. This is Valspar's Ginkgo Tree that looks wonderful with our Pine vinyl.

Once that was dry, I removed the vinyl.

With the vinyl stencil you can get really awesome details. I love how these leaves turned out.

Now it is time for the text! The bride requested this in two colors. Since there was enough room between the elements, I had the stencil created as one piece so it was less things to arrange and install.

Install the stencil just like you would one for the wall and make sure to smooth it with the included installation tool.

Remove the top making layer...

 And you are ready to paint!

And then you get so excited about how it is going to turn out and you FORGET TO PAINT THE BASE LAYER LIKE YOU HAD JUST DONE! 

I'm not yelling (at you) but kicking myself. See all those little bleeds? That is exactly what the first layer being the same as the background will prevent. Such an easy step to forget with such dire consequences!

So I took my orbital sander and sanded all the paint off. And I didn't take any photos of that step because I was so mad at myself! I repainted the background, got a new decal, reinstalled, and repainted. 

This is soooo much more crisp and looks amazing. The red is Valspar's Garnet and the gray is Sherwin Williams' Network Gray. I've also added the second layer of branches here. These are vinyl and not a stencil! You can use a combination to get some great layered looks.

Add a frame and deliver your sign to one happy bride!

We also added some pinecones in Chocolate vinyl to add another layer and warm look.

This is such a great idea for any wedding and will become a family keepsake instantly!

Share your sign ideas with us at


Friday, December 14, 2018

On Trend: Modern Heirlooms

Adding a personal touch to your home is just that - personal!

A trend we see every year is taking old traditions in your family and putting a fresh twist on them! 

We worked with AmyBeth to add this super special custom touch to her home. Her Grandmother's cookie recipe is the perfect addition to her space!

AmyBeth added this to the side of the panel next to her refrigerator. A perfect spot for a decal! It's one of those spaces that you don't normally want to add a nail to hang anything but it such a lovely blank slate waiting for some fun!

I was so inspired by AmyBeth's space, I just had to do this with one of my families recipes too! Here is my version:

I put mine on a wall that has a pocket door behind it - another perfect place for a decal! This is a recipe that my grandmother used to make all the time and has become a staple at any family gathering.

Then I shared it with my mom who of course wanted one for herself! She doesn't have the wall space in her home for a decal of this size, so I made this design into an Art Print as well! 

Did you know we offer gallery quality giclĂ©e print produced with a whole lotta love and skill on matte, white, semi-smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 ultrachrome archival inks with an unprinted border for framing.

Send us an email ( with your family recipe and we would be happy to send a proof to get your own heirloom added to your home!


Thursday, December 13, 2018

November 2018 Customer Photo Winner

Does anyone else have a little girl that you are in total envy of this nursery?! I mean this is simply gorgeous! Megan took our Unicorn Horn Two Color Wall Quotes™ Wall Art Decal to the next level and I know her little one will love it for so many years to come.

She got the 22" tall x 24" wide decal in Black with a Gold Horn. Since our decals don't have any background (not even clear), she was able to cut apart the eyelashes and arrange them how she needed to fit the flowers in. And those flowers are just so beautiful! I'm going to have to find out where she got those.

Megan won the $50 in shop credit for our customer photo giveaway this month! Make sure to send in your photos to enter our drawing! Just email us: Or, tag us @wallquotes on Instagram or @belvederedesigns on Facebook