Friday, October 17, 2014

Hot Off The Press: 10-17-2014

by Raelene

Know what I love about Disney's Frozen?  It's an inter-generational kind of movie. Do you know what I mean?  Our family saw it in the theatre and loved it.  My boys thought Olaf was the funniest. thing. ever.  But even my husband and I thought it was wonderful.  Of course, now that we've watched it 3 billion four hundred seventy three million eight hundred ninety one thousand five hundred twenty six times, the magic may or may not be wearing off a little. Fine, maybe that was a wee bit of an exaggeration, but if your house is like mine, we've seen it a few times.

Regardless.  A few weeks ago we were asked to put together a collection of vinyl wall decals inspired by the movie, the characters, the themes.  We had so much fun!  And we might have watched the movie - with snacks - a few times for inspiration (grin).  Plus, creating snowflakes and winter designs was lovely wishful thinking in the blistering Vegas heat.

And so we thought we'd show off a little today and introduce you to some of our favorites from our new collection of Frozen-inspired Wall Quotes™ decals.  We hope your little ones'll love them as much as we loved creating them.  Wahooo!

Sister Friend Snowflake Wall Quotes™ Decal
Sisters are the best of friends.  And the sweet snowflake accents make this the perfect accent for a room little girls share.

Sister Princess Snowflake Wall Quotes™ Decal
Don't you just love the scripty cuteness of this design?  Besides, if we learned anything from the movie, it's that it really is more important to be a good sister than to be a fancy princess.

This design is one of our most popular nursery vinyl wall decals.  We thought it only fitting to modify it just a little by adding whimsical snowflakes - for Canadians who enjoy long winters (I'm one of them!) and little girls who love Disney's Frozen.

This design isn't exactly Frozen related, but goodness - what little princess wouldn't love to have a Royal Playroom.  Fabulous, darlings.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On Trend: Gold Polkadot Walls

by Raelene

Ah, polkadots.  You just gotta love 'em, right?  Sure, they're sweet and retro and cute, but I'm loving how grown up and modern and chic they are these days too.  It seems like the consensus in the blogosphere is that the best way to make polkadots glamorous is to make them gold.

Of course we've got polkadot vinyl decals in the shop.  And of course you can buy them in any of the 42 colors we've got in stock.  But I'm crushing on the gold polkadots most of all and so today I thought I'd round up some of my favorite seriously chic gold polkadot walls from all over the interwebs and show off a couple of our own while I was at it.

You'll be so inspired, you'll want to click over to the shop and get your own set post-haste.  For Christmas, for fun, for glam, for whatever.  Either way, I bet a little gold polkadot magic'll inspire some serious happy in your space too.

Megan from The Homes I Have Made, did an awesome DIY project with gold contact paper to glam up her craft area.  So easy, so worth it.

Laura Bateman Reif's Washington D.C. Home #theeverygirl
And boy, speaking of glam, have you seen these photos of Laura Reif Bateman's home at The Everygirl?  Every room is fabulous and she uses gold as an accent almost everywhere.  Uber chic.  And yes, even gold polkadot walls!

Gold Polka Dot Walls in Guest Bathroom
Gold polkadots are the perfect accent in a small bathroom, wouldn't you say?  This home, featured on Apartment Therapy, proves that little dots can make a big impact in just a small space.

Love the dotty wall
See what I mean?  I love how the gold polkadots and rustic elements come together in this little bathroom nook featured on A Beautiful Mess.  Cozy happiness, is what it is.

Look how perfectly gold polkadots complement the shabby chic/cottage vibe with the pretty pastels and delicate details in this lovely living room.  Technically, this post by the gals at House of Smiths was all about Christmas decor and of course gold polkadots make perfect Christmas decor - but doesn't it look great for every day too?  Seriously love this look.

And gee, we couldn't resist the chance to glam up our own spaces.  Linda added a little gold polkadot magic to her nursery.  I love the cascading pattern down the wall - it's the perfect touch of modern and off-beat and yet fits so well with the other traditional elements in the room like the crib and the quilts.

There you have it, gold polkadot walls.  What's not to love.  Head over to the shop and pick up a set of your own polkadot decals - 152 1" polkadots for $22.95 (way easier than trying the DIY version and at a price that makes it worthwhile).  If 1" is a little small for ya, no worries.  We've got several other sizes to choose from, or you can always order custom.  We love custom requests!  Happy polkadoting, folks.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hot Off The Press: 10-10-2014

Just in time for the creepy cuteness that is Halloween, we've got great new designs and decals to up the creep factor in your house and help y'all get in the spooky swing of things.  Last week we featured some of our Halloween prints, this week, we're doing all Halloween vinyl decals all the time.

Smiley Pumpkin Face Wall Quotes™ Decal - You've seen all the posts floating around Pinterest and the blogosphere this time of year about mess-free pumpkin decorating, yes?  (Like this post from Modern Parents Messy Kids or this one from Hands on as we Grow)  We've made our own versions for no-mess decorating - cute, just a little creepy, even Frankenstein-y.  Doesn't get much easier than that.

Franky Frankenstein Wall Quotes™ Decal - There's really only one way to make these pumpkin face better - use 'em in lots of places!  We've got a "mason jar" size, a "pumpkin" size, and a "front door" size.  Let the fun begin!

A Witch and Her Ghouls Wall Quotes™ Decal - Isn't this the perfect design?  I need one for my front door - heaven knows I live with a lot of ghouls. Teeheehee.

The Witch Is In Wall Quotes™ Decal - I love this design.  Maybe it's the cool retro script.  Or maybe it's the spookily appropriate broom.  Whatever it is, I'm in, too.

Billy Skeleton Wall Quotes™ Decal - Sometimes, skeletons are too scary - but not this guy!  Look at that grin.  Wouldn't he be perfect in any entryway?  And educational too, right?  The leg bone is connected to the hip bone (see where I'm goin' with this?)  Love him.

Edward Eyebrows Wall Quotes™ Decal - Speaking of skeletons, this one's just a tad more menacing.  Those eyebrows!  Can you see him on a front door - Trick or Treaters, beware!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Creepy Candy Halloween Vignette For Under $20

by Raelene

Halloween is so much fun.  I'm not so into the creepy scariness, but the cute weirdness?  Love it.  My kids have been jonesin' to decorate since they saw a display in our local quilt shop with all kinds of candy with creepy names (desiccated bat wings, pumpkin teeth, etc) and wanted to have some of the same at home.  Today we made it happen with what we had on hand.  Minus the candy and the pumpkins, of course (that much cavity-inducing sugar just hangin' out in my cupboards? um, no thanks).

Step 1 - Start with a blank canvas.  No way I was going to take down all those cookbooks (painstakingly arranged by topic, I might add), so we left those but cleared everything else off the console table.  I even dusted it.  Woot.

Step 2 - Go for height and variety.  I wrapped 3 large-ish books in paper grocery sacks (what you've got on hand, remember?), overturned a basket I had been keeping on the kitchen counter, and added a wooden box I've been using as a catchall for ribbon (confession - there's still ribbon in it).

Step 3 - Include texture.  I did this with a piece of burlap I had, but any kind of fabric (tulle, too) would work.  Even twigs and leaves (if you live anywhere that's not the desert) gathered from the backyard or park would add the right amount of texture and interest.

Step 4 - Gather and place all the jars/containers and odds and ends that might work in your vignette.  Play with an arrangement until they fit well and/or to your satisfaction.  I used mason jars, old candy jars, a juice bottle, even a beer skein from our travels in the Dolomites.

I also pilfered the wire basket I keep rags in from the laundry room and filled it with the apples we got at the market this week.  I put a pint jar on a candle stick to add more height and dimension.  I also put a second wooden box in the middle of the console.  I added in the pumpkins (isn't the warty, ugly one on the cooks so cool?) This part is all about experimentation and I did plenty of rearranging and adjusting until I liked how things looked.

Step 5 - Fill the jars and add the labels.  I wanted the candy labels to be equal parts creepy and classy so we made some ourselves.  You can download them here and print to your heart's content.  And don't worry - if you don't know what boiled ladybugs should be (red jellybeans!), we've included a little note for each creepy designation so you won't be confused. I didn't want the labels to be stark white, since that didn't fit the whole "aged" and creepy look I was going for.  So I cut a paper bag to size and ran it through the printer (what I had on hand).  Worked like a charm.  I added the candy and stuck on the label with double sided tape.

Step 6 - Finish up with details.  The book covers (ahem, paper bag covers) were a little plain, so I added titles: Witchcraft 101, Potions, Spells (inspired, no?). I had about 12 inches of Halloween themed ribbon so I tied it around the middle pumpkin.  The box in the middle needed something, so I filled a hurricane candle thing with sand (from the sandbox in the backyard) and a black candle I had in the closet.

And gee, what's Halloween without bats?  We found some black construction paper and roughly following this tutorial, cut out the bats and hung them up with black thread ('cause it's what I had).  Spiders would be awesome too, but didn't have any on hand (maybe we'll add them later).

And there you go - a whole Halloween vignette using what we had on hand.  We spent under $20 buying the candy in the bulk section of our local grocer and the pumpkins at our local hardware store.  The only issue now is how to keep my own goblins from pilfering the creepy goods.  Yeesh.

**Download the Free Printable Creepy Candy Halloween Labels here.
Happy Haunting!

Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Halloween Vignettes (Part 2)

by Linda

Here at, we love our seasonal decor to be low-cost and high-impact, focusing on items you already have in your home to minimize the stress and maximize the fun. Last week, we shared some simple DIY vignettes featuring a few of our Halloween decals, and, today, we're sharing a couple more favorites.

Our Whoo Wants Candy? Wall Quotes™ decal and Spooky Pumpkin Chevron Art Print coordinate beautifully to create this simple (yet delicious!) vignette. Just add tin pails (our chalkboard labels would be perfect here), gold-stamped mini pumpkins, and, of course candy!

Our Welcome Pumpkin Wall Quotes™ decal (shown in metallic silver) is an easy way to add some glam to your seasonal decor. Here, we created a couple of different vignettes, where the main focus is all things metallic! Tin cake stands, a mercury glass lamp, gold-stamped mini pumpkins and metallic votives all come together to complete the look. 

Hope these images have inspired your Halloween decor! Please don't forget to submit your photos--we'd love to see how you've incorporated our decals into your holiday home decor!