Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Belvedere Designs Brand Rep Search

Welcome to our first ever Brand Rep Search!

We are looking for some fun and creative people to help promote our products. We know so many you out there have great project ideas and we want to help you make those a reality! 

What you need to know:

  • We are looking for fun and unique people who have a passion for interior design and decorating
  • Great photography skills are a must
  • Applications are open to International residents 
  • Reps will be selected for 6 month terms which would include a minimum of 6 projects
  • Orders will be arranged and placed through our Design Team

What you get:

  • Up to $50 a month in shop credit to get all those awesome decals (can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis)
  • Credit can be used for items in our online store, or working with our Design Team to create new listings for projects you have in mind
  • 15% Friends and Family discount code to share with your followers during the week our products are featured on your Instagram

Rep Requirements:

  • An active Instagram account that is public
  • 3-4 clear stylish photos per project posted to Instagram and high resolution versions emailed to us within 2 weeks of receipt of the decals.
  • 2 posts on Instagram during a 1 week time frame featuring our product and tagging our Company Instagram
  • Ideally 1 project during your 6 month term can include a step by step tutorial to be featured on our blog in addition to Instagram

How to apply:
Simply email ( or DM us on Instagram with the following information:

  • A link to your Instagram
  • Why do you want to be a Brand Rep for WallQuotes?
  • What makes your style unique?
  • Are you currently, or have you been a brand representative/ambassador for any other home decor company? If so, please provide the company names.
  • Optional: Any other social media or blog links:
  • Optional: What would your first project idea be?
  • Your full name, email, and phone number

Applications will be ongoing so feel free to reach out.

By applying you agree to the terms outlined above and consent to the usage of your photos containing our products across all of our social media platforms which include: our website, Facebook page, Instagram account, Etsy page and Pinterest boards. You also consent to the usage of your photos for other advertising purposes, if applicable.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Spruce Up Your Classroom!

Is your classroom looking a little down? Like you have been working in it all year and it is showing its wear? Never fear! Some fun new Wall Quotes will help bring it back to life! 

Getting some decals in your school colors is a great way to show pride! And our decals stick wonderfully to painted cinder block that I know oh so many classrooms are made from. 

Or want something custom? Your school mascot or classroom motto? We've got you. Just send us a message with what you have in mind and we will send you a proof and price quote.

But, here are some of my favorite classroom quotes. What are yours?

Education Is A Powerful Weapon Wall Quotes™ Decal

Monday, May 7, 2018

April 2018 Customer Photo Winner

I think Michelle needs to come help me decorate my home - what do you think? I just love the whole fireplace set up she has going on - and that quote! It is an awesome addition to her already beautiful home and fits perfectly in her space. 

Love this quote too? It is our May This Home Be Blessed Elegant Wall Quotes™ Decal and you can get your own here. Michelle ordered the 10 inch by 36.5 inch and it is in Navy. 

Michelle said:
"LOVE my wall quote - and so does everyone that comes into my house! I ordered and applied a quote from you at the end of ’17 and am just loving it! Many people have commented on it. Thank you so much!"

Here is another photo of her whole space:

Michelle won $50 in shop credit to use on her next project. Make sure to send in those photos to Or, tag us @wallquotes on Instagram or @belvederedesigns on Facebook to enter for next month's drawing!


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Evolution of a Custom Designed Quote

Do you wonder what the process of working with our Design Team will be like? Only wonderful! 

Here is an example of a customer's process with our Team to get the perfect quote for her entryway (edited for length).

I have a space that is about 48" wide that I would like to put this quote: "I invite you to not only love each other more, but love each other better." I'd like a combination of script and basic fonts.

Design Team:
This is an awesome quote! Here is a proof with some design options. They should all fit in your space wonderfully. Let me know what you think and we can go from there.

Option 3 is my favorite, but let's try a few different options for the small text? Whimsical/handwritten style, but not script at all.

Design Team:
Got it! That is a great font isn't it? I've attached a new proof with some additional options for the non-script text that I think coordinate nicely.

Options 3b and 3c are my favorite.  Let's add "to" at the end of the phrase and then add the citation at the bottom right as well.  Bonnie D Parkin. Same font as first line, but smaller? Not sure if that should be centered like the rest?

Design Team:
Centered, and off centered both have good qualities. That is going to be a personal preference. I've attached a new proof with both of those options. Let me know which you gravitate towards.

Option 3e is my favorite.  But the text should be "love each other more but TO love each other better". Also, I saw another quote on your website that I really liked the font in (offc0064) the script one. Can I see that as another option?

Design Team:
That is another great font (you are picking some of my favorites!). Option 3d is Harman for the top font. Options 3d/3e have different glyphs on the script. Options 3f/3g are the script from "footprints on the moon" again with different glyphs. Option 3h is the same 2 fonts from the footprints quote. These are all great - good luck! 

Option d and f are my favorite. But let me run it by my husband.

Okay, we definitely like the fonts from Option 3d now. And the "glyphs" from Option 3e. We are still not sure if the citation should be centered or to the right.

Design Team:
You are so close! I've attached a new proof with your font choices and your citation options. Then, here are some size options that can all work well in your space depending on how much height you have:
8.5" tall x 36" wide
9.75" tall x 42" wide
11.25" tall x 48" wide

Option 5 it is! 

Design Team:
Awesome!! This is going to look so good. I just need to know what color you would like it in and your shipping address and I'll create a custom order for you. 

And there you have it! From and idea in their head, to a completely designed quote ready to order. Then, we loved this design so much, we listed it on the website. You can get your very own Love Each Other Better Wall Quotes™ Decal here. 

And we were so happy to get a finished photo from this customer as well!

If you would like our Design Team to work on a custom design for you, just email us at with as much or little information as you have and we will get right back to you. Some people will love the first design we send, and some will need a few more proofs. Either way, there is no additional cost for a custom design!

Belvedere Designs Team

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