Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On Trend: Quirky Eyeglass Accents

by Raelene

I wear glasses (part of me feels like that's a confession - ha!).  When I was young, it was the bane of my existence.  Perhaps it's because I grew up in a very small town and the selections were slim to none, but I feel like the fashion world has finally shown mercy on us weaker-eyed specimens (some even aspire to be us - you've seen that right?  Models and super chic peeps sporting glasses just because).  Whatever it is, I'm seeing more and more cute glasses.  And I feel encouraged to change my glasses like I change my outfits.  Sweeeet.  In fact, Nicole at Making it Lovely often includes a pair of glasses in her style posts like this one or this one.  So fun.

In any case, I was doing a little browsing the other day - for bookends, actually, and came across these darling little owls.  Serious love.  And the best thing about them?  The glasses.  So it got me to thinking and scouring and searching.  And I've put together a fun little round up of great quirky accessories featuring eyeglasses, big and small, retro and contemporary.

Mint Owl Bookend and Eyglasses Holder
Can't get over those glasses.  Goodness.

Daisy Place Tray (for your glasses and keys, obviously) from Kate Spade
PS - watch the little video, The Waiting Game with Anna Kendrick, 
featured on their home page right now.  So cute.

Retro Glasses Beige Linen Cushion Long
Retro Glasses Linen Cushion from Acacia Design.  If my husband would allow a pillow to share real estate on his reading chair, this would be it.  Just sayin'.

Such a fun accent in any room - but perhaps especially for a reading nook, eh?

Sadly, no longer availalbe.  But think of the DIY possibilities - now that's quirky.

Speaking of DIY, MetalandMud has a great tutorial on how to make these darling His and Her Glasses Pillowcases or, if you're not feeling super crafty, you can buy them in her Etsy store.  Perfect.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Decals Around the Home

 Is anybody else wondering where October went? It seems like in a blink of an eye Fall arrived, and, from the looks of the weather we've been having here in Virginia, is here to stay. The good news, though, is that Belvedere Designs has a plethora of lovely decals to get your home ready for the upcoming holidays. The best part? All of these decals can easily take your decor through the holidays and into the New Year. Let's take a look at some of my favorites...

Our Always Be Thankful Wall Quotes™ Decal is absolutely stunning in gold, or get it in any of our 45 colors to match your decor. 

Give Thanks! A simple sentiment and the perfect reminder to be grateful for all that we have.

Featuring a darling leaf and acorn design, our Give Thanks Wall Quotes™ decal is the ideal decor piece for a dining room, kitchen or living space!

Visit our site for more Thanksgiving inspiration--including our newest seasonal Art Prints!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hot Off The Press: 11-7-2014

by Raelene

This is the conversation my 7 year old son and I had this morning:
"Mom, you know why I'm hungry all the year?"
"Hmm.  No, why?"
"Because I'm always waiting for Thanksgiving.  And then when it's Thanksgiving, I eat so much for a feast and I'm not hungry anymore."

Teehee.  We're hosting the feast this year - we've been planning and prepping and dreaming and drooling (yes, already) for days.  We've even beta-tested a new cranberry sauce recipe.  But even if you're not the one basting the turkey all. day. long. this year, I'll bet you're prepping your home for guests all the same since it's that time of year - lots of guests, and food, and noise, and quality time spent together.  The first thing your guests'll see is your door and entryway.  Make 'em feel welcome with some of our newest designs perfect for the entry (and other places, too).

Home Sweet Home Leaves Wall Quotes™ Decal
This phrase is a perennial favorite, but we've updated it with the whimsical laurel and modern fonts with a quirky handwritten look.  It'd be perfect in the entryway.

Leavitt Family Established Wall Quotes™ Decal
Lisa, one of our very talented designers, got married this spring and designed this for her new home.  So sweet.  And yet you don't have to be newlyweds to put this on your wall.  You'll still get ooh and aahs.  Promise.

Home Is Where The Heart Is Wall Quotes™ Decal
Show your home state (whether it's where you've spent your whole life or you've just moved in) a little love.  Best thing? With the 2-color option, you can make that state whatever color fits best.  We like Teal (obviously), Dark Red (always a pretty choice), Copper (very classy), and Gold (so in right now).

Friends Welcome Family By Appointment Wall Quotes™ Decal
Teehee.  Funny because it's true, right?  But even your family will get a kick out of this cute little decal.  And there's not much better than inspiring a chuckle as you welcome your guests into your home.  A portent of good things to come, no?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hot Off The Press: 11-1-2014

by Raelene

November means sweaters and cool weather and lovely crisp leaves and fires at night and cups of hot tea.  Or rather, it should mean that, but since we're in Vegas it's really just a perpetually lovely 80 degrees (and it's hard to complain about that).  Still - November does at the very least mean Thanksgiving (my husband is already plotting the delectable demise of a turkey - mmmm).

To celebrate, we want to showcase a few of our newest "thanks" themed designs.  Many of them are suitable for much longer than November (as is gratitude itself, no?) and all are lovely reminders to cultivate an attitude of gratitude every day.

These two designs, Grateful Heart Wall Quotes™ Decal (right) and Give Thanks Acorn Wall Quotes™ Decal (left) are my very favorite of these new "thankful" collection of decals.  I think it's the combination of the sweet and fancy script font with the classic serif.  Or maybe the perfect little leaf/acorn embellishment.  Whatever it is, I put it up in my own house this season and who knows when it'll come down?  Love it.

Know what?  I used this design, Grateful Thankful Blessed Wall Quotes™ Decal in my own fall decor last week, too.  I actually put it on a large glass container and filled that with pine cones.  It's lovely.  (I should post a photo eh?)
And such a perfect reminder that we really do have so much to be grateful for.

This design, Count Your Blessings Wall Quotes™ Decal, is a modern update with on trend design elements (arrows = amIrightoramIright?) of a very well-known christian hymn.  Bet you'll find yourself humming the tune every time you see it in your home - always a good thing.

This Native American Proverb, the text of our design We Borrow The Earth Wall Quotes™ Decal, is such a fitting reminder for this time of year - and always - to be grateful for what we have and mindful of what we leave behind.

Friday, October 24, 2014

On Trend: Little Decals, Big Impact

by Raelene

I'm seeing small, repeating patterns of vinyl decals all over the interwebs lately and in some of the funnest, sweetest, trendiest shapes and layouts.  Evenly spaced or randomly placed, these little decals add a big punch, often mimicking the look of wallpaper without (gasp!) all the work and a whole lot more fun.  We did a round-up of gold polka dot walls last week (another big trend) and we've been collecting other polka dot walls on this Pinterest board, but polka dots aren't the only little decals making a big impact.

In fact, we've got quite the collection of decal kits over in the shop, and so thought we'd highlight some of our favorite iterations and inspirations on the blog today.  Check out these fabulous rooms - I just love how the decals end up being the perfect finishing touch for a carefully planned and put together space.  And then - visit the shop to find just the right decal kit for your own space.  Go forth and conquer, friends!

Oh, hearts.  Of course.  This little girl's room, featured on Apartment Therapy, is all kinds of awesome.  I love how all the eclectic elements come together so well.  And the gold hearts just make that statement wall, don't they?  Get your own heart decals here - in gold, yes, or in any other color you heart (teehee) desires and spread the love all over.

Have you seen this adorable nursery at The Beetle Shack?  Oh my goodness. I'm loving everything about it.  And those bees!  We created our own bee decals so you too could add a little of that adorable to your own walls.

Fun fact - this pattern (the plus signs), very much on trend with modern and Scandinavian design, is called the Swiss Cross - probably inspired by the Swiss flag - and is "one of the most popular patterns in design today" (so declares Apartment Therapy's Taryn Fiol).  We're seeing it most often in textiles - rugs, bedding, pillows, etc.  In fact, that's where I first saw it - in a wool blanket on a Finnish design blog (sure I couldn't read a word, but my goodness the photos!).  We thought these would be perfect on the wall (Pinterest does too, by the by) and so we've created Swiss Cross decals to help you add a little easy modern European style to your home.

Hexagons are the perfect complement to this adorably modern little room and I'm seeing them in the coolest places (like on washing machines! and gold in entryways - gold is such a thing these days, eh?).  A little geometric love goes a long way.  Get your own hexagon decals here and you know, go wild.