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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meet the Team Behind the Scenes at Belvedere Designs

We're a small family business and even though we're not all related, it often feels like we're family.  There are always deadlines to meet and our quality and service standards are really really high, but as founder of Belvedere Designs, I'm really proud of our team and how hard they work to get things done and done well. We'd like to introduce ourselves formally.  You'll find a just a snippet below, but if you'd like to know a little more about us, click the link to see individual interviews or hey - just call us on the phone and we'll chat you up.

Thanks again for supporting small business.
- Raelene

Co-Founder, General Manager, Web and Marketing
Jordan is also a PhD candidate in American Government and Political Philosophy (indeed, to pay our way through grad school was the impetus for starting Belvedere Designs to being with).  He also loves to cook, make his own cheese, and tinker on/go on adventures with his Jeep (and family in tow).

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Advertising
Raelene has an MA in English Literature and loves to read.  Daily goals include at least 3 hours of sleep, reading to her two rambunctious boys, and tidying the kitchen (though this last seems to happen less and less often).  She is Canadian and, living in Las Vegas as she does, dearly misses the snow and cold.

Belvedere Designs Team Alumni

Operations Manager, Marketing
Julie joins us with 31 years of managerial experience at a well-known financial institution.  She keep us all in line and on schedule and makes sure things run smoothly.  She is very organized, takes detailed and copious notes, and is lovely to chat with on the phone.  Call her sometime - you'll see.

Customer Service, Design Specialist
Lisa loves teal. And chevrons. And Pinterest.  She is a BYU alum and is thus a diehard Cougars fan, has an incredible work ethic, is the resident Photoshop expert, loves Sonic drinks (oh, don't we all?) and would eat only fruit if that were a smart thing to do.

Production Manager, Print Specialist
Spencer is a full-time student studying Business and Marketing.  A Seahawks fan, Spencer also likes to go by the title "Master Chief."  He loves Lord of the Rings, dessert, and all things coffee.  He also makes a mean cheesecake (Yes, homemade. Yes, baked).

Web-Development, Project Manager
Bruce is the bones behind our web presence.  He does all the research and coding and testing and coordinating and building.  Basically, it's magic.  Before doing web design, Bruce had an illustrious career as a firefighter but these days, prefers to work from home in his pyjamas.

Social Media, Blog-Guru
Linda is the voice behind our social media platforms and online outreach.  She has an incredible eye for design and aesthetic, works the social interwebs like nobody's business, runs her own blog and shop (Burlap & Blue), and has the sweetest little family.  She also loves spray paint, ruffles, thrift stores, Target, and DIY projects (though maybe not in quite that order).

Video Tutorials, Application Specialist
Kathryn is the face of our online application video tutorials.  She's graceful, poised, and obsessed with chocolate!  She's also a middle school Spanish teacher (so cool!). Also, she loves hockey - it just can't get any better than that.

The Rugrats
These two little men are Jordan and Raelene's boys.  They've grown up with Belvedere Designs (the older one heard mom tell customers our phone number so often that he knew it by heart before he was 2) and they love to help.  They weed, make boxes, put on labels, take out the trash, and stack shipments.  Just as often, they run amuk. It's not a farm, but Belvedere Designs seems to be helping these boys understand the right kind of values - hard work, persistence, integrity.

Production Specialist, Mr. Reliable
Hayden is super-reliable.  If it needs doing, he's got it covered.  He stays until the work is done, looks for solutions rather than focusing on the problem at hand, and is always learning new things. He loves pizza, Lord of the Rings, and baseball.

Production Specialist, Go-to Man
Cody is a die-hard optimist.  He's a people person through and through and always makes you feel better for having talked with him.  He loves to golf (though he admits he's really not any good), loves seafood of all kinds, and will be starting as a full-time student at UNLV in January 2014.
** Cody recently got married (hooray!) and left us to take on a bigger gig while he and his wife both attend school.  Congrats and good luck!

Customer Service, Design Specialist
Jessica is the design guru on the team and can literally make magic happen.  Her natural exuberance and sassiness endear her to nearly everyone she meets (even though she tends to shorten her words, i.e. obvi). She's an Air Force wife, loves ice cream, and thinks Snow White is the ultimate Disney princess.
** Jessica left the team to return to school full time.  She has her Associates in Graphic Design, but wants to make it official with a BA.  We believe in education (since, you know, that's why we started the business in the first place).

Design Specialist, Administrative Assistant
Back in the day, Schaara was our customer service team.  But she's since had a baby and the business has grown, so she fills in wherever we need her, mostly behind the scenes these days.  She has a BA in Fashion Design, makes her own bread, loves to read young adult fiction, and has the most adorable little boy.
** Schaara's been part-time since her little one arrived, and has now left us to be home full-time with her little man.  We couldn't be happier for her.

Production Specialist (from in to out and all the step in-between)
Chris loves airplanes and all things flying and is training to be a pilot.  In addition to making things happen at Belvedere Designs, he also works the very early-morning shift at Delta Airlines at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport.  If your luggage made it on the plane, thank Chris.  If it didn't, must have been someone else on shift.
** Chris left us for a full-time gig with Delta in Seattle - and gosh, we wish him all the very best.

Production Specialist (our fastest weeder yet)
Maelah is an artist.  For real.  She joined us just a few months after completing her BA in Fine Arts from BYU-Hawaii.  She specializes in sculpture and ceramic arts and brings a great eye to our production process.  She also loves to read and keeps us up-to-date on all things YA in the office.
** Maelah left us to teach English in Korea (!).  We're so proud of her and the good work she's doing abroad.

Every so often we employ seasonal help, but this here is our core team who make the magic happen.  We've got a great dynamic and are so proud to call this crew our A team.  The good that happens here happens because of them.

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