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Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Inspirations - Things to Read, Create, Eat & Do

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Friends!  Have you got great weekend plans? We're counting down the days to summer vacation and will be headed to the orchard (whose very existence here in the Las Vegas valley is pretty miraculous) for juicy tree-ripened peaches and apricots this weekend.  And we'll be making pints and pints of jam - so much work! But oh so worth it come winter!  If we're lucky, we might even sneak in a date night. Woot.

- Have you seen/read Myquillyn's new book? That's it pictured above - lovely, no?  I adore it.  The words. The message.  The photos. The typography.  Nothin' not to love here.

- Speaking of books, Ann puts together the best book lists and her Summer Reading Guide 2014 is spot on.  It's even broken down into specific categories so you can find the perfect book to accompany whatever you've got in the way of summer plans.

- My boys could each use a fun new tie for summer.  I kind of like to get them matching ones (so sweet).  This one is high on my list.  Those colors!

- I needed to use up some over-ripe bananas this week (and had a whole lot of peaches from our foray to the orchard last weekend) and found this Peach Coconut Banana Bread. Truth be told, it's more like cake (mmmmm, cake). Super moist and with a glass of milk makes for a lovely after-dinner treat (or if you're my kids, an acceptable breakfast).

Beginning of the School Year v. End of the School Year. Made me laugh out loud.

Happy long weekend!

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