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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet the Team - Schaara

In today's segment of our Meet-the-team-behind-the-magic-at-Belvedere-Designs series, you get to meet one of the sweetest members of the team.  She's recently been on maternity leave, but we're so happy to have her back (and her little boy, too!) with us part-time.


Birthday? July 22nd

Favorite Color? Teal

Favorite Food? Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Favorite Book? Harry Potter

Favorite Quote? "Adventure is just a romantic name for trouble." - Louis L'Amour

Favorite sport/team? Does my Fantasy Football team count?

Favorite Wall Quotes™ decal? 
Girls #5, the Castle & Fairy (find it here) 

Because it's adorable.  If I had a little girl, her room would be all castles and fairies.

How long have you been with the team?  2+ years [basically, Schaara's been with us since we moved the business out of our 400 sq ft living room and into a real office with real employees].

What are you in charge of at Belvedere Designs? I used to be in charge of customer service  and custom designs [if you've been a customer for more than a year, you've probably talked to Schaara at least once], but since I've come back from maternity leave, I do a little bit of everything wherever I'm needed - from designing, to paperwork, to behind-the-scenes web stuff, and production.  [Schaara's been with us so long that she knows things inside out and can be counted on to help wherever we need her.  Love that.]

What's your favorite thing about working here?  I love that I get to do a variety of things; design, help with production, etc.  It's fun to have a hand in everything.

What do you do when you're not making crazy awesome Wall Quotes™ decals at Belvedere Designs? Take care of the cutest baby in the world (grin).

Schaara's a trooper - and she really knows how to do all the things, which of course makes her indispensable.  We're so glad to have her back.  Plus, having a baby in the office for a couple hours each day is enough to keep the whole team giggling and smiling like crazy people.  We love it.

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