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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Discounts

Our monthly discounts this time around were selected by you, our customers. We asked which of our extensive collection of wall quotes you'd like to see in our discount section and tada! we've chosen them directly from your requests.

Just so happens, they're some of our favorites, too.

Perhaps inspired by fashion week last month, our Yves Saint Laurent quote earned several votes and has actually been a hit from its first appearance in our collections. You'll find it in both our Bedroom and Inspirational II sections (since it fits appropriately in both).

And though the Olympic bid went to Brazil, we're all about the world-wide love. Woo your sweetheart with your impressive language skills and pay homage to some of the most romantic places on earth. You'll find this lovely quote (appropriately) in our love quotes collection.

Because we all need a reminder during tough times that faith can move mountains, you'll find this and other uplifting quotes in our Religious collection. Perhaps this collection would be more appropriately titled "Uplifting and Faith-Inspiring," but that would be just a little too long for a title, no?

Happy Shopping!

And if you'd like to see a favorite quote in our discounts section, give us a shout and you just might get lucky.

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