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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Giveaway - Week 3

Spring is in full tilt here in Nevada; the trees are green, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing.  We're even starting to get some of that summer heat already (it's predicted to get into the mid 90's this week, yikes!).  Hopefully, you all are enjoying more mild springtime temperatures than we are.  Share with us, in a comment below, what the temperature is for you right now.

Here are the fabulous quotes we have this week.

12" x 21"
Color: Black

Life is not measured...
Size: 18" x 36"
Color: Black

You are my sunshine
Size: 9" x 35"
Color: Black

Music Staff
Size: 15" x 43"
Color: Black

Good Moms
Size: 14" x 18"
Color: Black

This week's giveaway will end Thursday, April 19 at midnight.  We'll select five winners (completely at random) and announce them on Friday.  We only have one more giveaway this month so be sure to enter!


  1. Yesterday was around 80s degrees up here in new York n my baby was so cranky that we have to turn on the AC but today it went down to 60s. Thank God. Email

  2. I blinked and Spring is at 100..Arizona gets hot fast!!

  3. It was high 80's earlier this week, but now down to more 'normal' spring temps!

    1. Hi ShanMarie,
      You're the winner of the "Laundry" quote this week! Email us at info[at]wallquotes[dot]com with your shipping address and we'll send your prize out right away. Enjoy!

  4. I live in the North West, which translates to rain, a sun break, then more rain. Temperatures are low 60's. Comfortable but Im ready for sun heat!! :D

  5. Today we had a beautiful day with sunshine in the mid 70s.

  6. It is now down to 57 degrees. Too cold for spring.

  7. My favorite season would definitly have to be Winter. It take me back to when I was a child in New York with my family. We would cuddle together with the heater on and watch Christmas movies, as we ate bowls of corn flakes with cafe con leche. May be the coldest season but it just warms my heart every time. My email is