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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Giveaway Winners - Week 3

Our week 3 winners - enjoy!

Laundry goes to ShanMarie.  The temp got up into the 80's for her!  Whew, that's getting a little warm for spring.

Life is not measured... goes to Clonegaru.  Her temps also got into the 80's, but fortunately went back down into the 60's.

You are my sunshine goes to Dove Dream.  The temps have been in the 60's for her (jealous!), but she wants to see more sun.  We'll send you some of the heat we've been getting, Dove Dream.

Music Staff goes to PuCca who is enjoying 57 degree weather.  Slightly chilly for spring, but still nice.

Good Moms goes to Alisa who had a beautiful day in the mid 70's.  Lovely!

Thanks to everyone who entered.  I will contact the winners shortly to get your shipping address.  Next week is our last giveaway!  So come back for one last questions and five more fantastic quotes.


  1. Yeah! Thanks! I can't wait to find the perfect place for my new quote. :)

    1. Fantastic! If you could email us at info[at]wallquotes[dot]com with your shipping address we will send out your quote right away!