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Friday, April 13, 2012

New Season, New "Famous Persons" WallQuotes!

I love the change of seasons; it keeps life interesting. Springtime especially is a season of anticipation, when leaves grow back, blossoms twist open, and the cold slowly fades away. There's always something new just around the corner.

In keeping with the natural order of things, we have an entirely new lineup of "Famous Persons" quotes now available! There isn't a button for it on our homepage (yet) but you can see both pages of listings here and here.

History is full of great men and women whose words and actions still echo into the present day. Whether they were leaders like George Washington, entertainers like Lucille Ball, athletes like Muhammad Ali, or infamous buccaneers like Captain Blackbeard, we look back at them with intrigue and curiosity.

You can add a touch of that intrigue to your home with these new Famous Persons WallQuotes. Check out the sample images below!

#36, Jane Austen. (Also, #35 features the same image with a different quote.)

And that's just a handful of them. We'd love to hear your guys' thoughts on these new WallQuotes! Send us a Tweet, like us on Facebook, or just leave a comment down below. Thanks and have a great spring!

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