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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Custom Design Tool

This custom lettering design and preview tool is one of the coolest features on our site. Sure, we're pros at creating custom designs and we're happy to do it - but if you've got a vision and want to see it come alive at your fingertips, our custom design tool is just the thing for you.

You can add different lines of text, offset the spacing and change the font style (with four separate categories and dozens of fonts in each - the possibilities are endless). You can add an embellishment, zoom out to see the proportions, zoom in to a particular spot to tweak the elements, adjust the letter size, change colors, switch fonts again... well, you get the picture. With this tool you can virtually create the exact design you've been dreaming of.

And the best part is that once you place the order, we get a screen shot of exactly how you've designed it. We see the layout you've chosen and the fonts and colors you've selected and so you're guaranteed to literally get what you see (because we can see it too).

These are just a sampling of the very very cool custom designs recent customers have created with this amazing tool. We're so impressed!

PS - Not all the pages on our website link directly to this new design tool. You might find our old font viewer - which is a great preview (and very easy to use), but not nearly as interactive (and it doesn't have as many font options either). However, you can always access this Custom Design Tool from the homepage ( by clicking on the left menu button Custom Lettering. Happy designing!

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