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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young House Love

Do you know 'em? Don't you love 'em?

If you don't already know John and Sherry of Young House Love, you should. 1. They're crazy amazing awesome. 2. Their house is a flurry of inspiration and DIY glory. Want to know how to paint a dresser? Redo a bathroom? Perk up a room on a budget? Refinish a concrete floor? Restyle a room? Decorate a nursery? Create amazing wall decor that only looks like it cost hundreds of dollars? They're the go-to for all of that (and much much more). They also write a monthly article for Better Homes & Gardens' DIY magazine. And - they have the sweetest new little baby girl. 3. Okay and yes, we're happy sponsors of the gang.

Check out Young House Love. You won't be sorry - but caution, you might become addicted (it happens to the best of us). Keep your eyes peeled for our ad - and that discount code. Enjoy all the crazy awesomness that is that blog - and trust me, you'll end up going back again and again and again....

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