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Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Monograms

I've been recently obsessed with green (I think it's because of the bright spring weather) and so the other day when my little boy went down for a nap, I was on a mission to seriously increase the green quotient in our home. I added bright green ribbon to the towels in the bathroom, green sheets, quilt and pillow to our master bed, and a new green basket on the console table in the entry.

Then, I made this:

Isn't it lovely?

I put it on the bedside table/bookcase in our bedroom. It's the first thing you see when you come in the room and it makes me smile every time - green, glorious green!

I was inspired by this idea here and though this gal created her letters with fabric (and you could do the same with scrapbook paper or by straight up printing the letters from your word processing program), because vinyl is what we do and what we have and is so easy, I used it to create the perfect custom monogram. I already had the frame - in fact, I just had to peel off this quote and it was ready to go. And because I love ribbon and couldn't resist, I added a length around the frame and tied a sweet little bow.

Using vinyl cuts out more than three of the prep steps so you enjoy your art that much faster, it's ultra easy to apply and when you're ready for a different color or a change in your decor - presto! it's easy as pie to remove and start again.

And, because I'm chronically bad at making a decision between two lovely choices, I made two designs and put the extra one on the back door (the same back door the Christmas ornament graced a scant few months ago). I'm digging the floral embellishment big time.

Welcome Spring!

PS - We've got great monogram designs coming in our new site launch. Just a few short weeks to wait. Hooray!


  1. This and capitalism are the only acceptable forms of "going green". Looks good, Rae-Rae!

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