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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Color Friends & Trends

I'm a huge fan of color. Considering I've already confessed my green obsession this spring, I thought I'd add a little balance and share some of our recent favorite color combinations.

Like any reasonable woman, I'm in love with chocolate - not just the sinfully delicious and oh-so-hard-to-stop-eating kind, but the color. Rich, smooth and creamy, our Chocolate goes with everything!

For boys, these trendy colors are perfect:

I used Ice Blue and Chocolate for the design on our son's bedroom door. Turned out lovely, didn't it? Try one of these trendy color match-ups for this quote or this one or even this one.
They'll be stunning.

But for girls, I'm more into the sharp contrast of Black with sweet feminine colors like Lilac and Pink, for example.

I'm thinking Eiffel Towers and french poodles and frilly, curly, swirly fonts (like Curlz or All Giggles or French Script- check these fonts out here). Pair these great contrasting colors with this quote or this one or this one to give the little gal in your life another something to oooohhh and aaaahhhh about.

And for the home - a stunning entryway, a family photo cluster, a kitchen blessing - Copper is king. Now, I know you're worried that Copper is going to be too orange, or too brassy. Not this Copper. It's rich and sophisticated, elegant with just a hint of sparkle. In short - it's perfect. Pairing it with Chocolate creates more casual elegance while coupling it with Black makes a classy statement.

These colors pair brilliantly with this quote for the entry, this one or this one for the family room, this one for the kitchen, and this one for a reminder of the most important things in life.

So there you have it - great color combinations with limitless possibilities. And if you have a few ideas of colors you'd like to see together, or you want to be certain that it matches the Robin's Egg Blue, Tuscan Red or Sagebrush Heather you have on your walls, just contact us for a color sample and you'll be able to compare and confirm post haste.

Now go out and play in the sunshine - outdoors in springtime is rife with color!

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