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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

February 2018 Customer Photo Winner

Seth sent us this photo of his home gym and I don't know about you, but I am super inspired to go workout! This quote can be used in so many settings: Office, school or classroom, any sports fan (this is a Jerry Rice quote), and now we can add gym. 

Seth got the 22" tall x 30" wide size in Burgundy. I love that it is a nice rich color and really adds some character to this space. Nice work Seth! 

Get this decal here

He also took 2 of our other designs and had us combine them into a beautiful custom design for his daughter's room.

He combined our Treble Clef and Notes decal with our Music is Life decal. We re-sized everything and arranged it for him before we sent it so he didn't have to cut it apart at home. Want to see a preview of how 2 decals will look together? Just email us - we are happy to help with suggestions!

Thank you for sharing Seth! We can't wait to see what you to with your $50 giftcard (he did mention his mother-in-law wanted one so let's see how that goes - haha)!!! Send in those photos to Or, tag us @wallquotes on Instagram or @belvederedesigns on Facebook to enter for next month's drawing!


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