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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hot Off The Press: 10-17-2014

by Raelene

Know what I love about Disney's Frozen?  It's an inter-generational kind of movie. Do you know what I mean?  Our family saw it in the theatre and loved it.  My boys thought Olaf was the funniest. thing. ever.  But even my husband and I thought it was wonderful.  Of course, now that we've watched it 3 billion four hundred seventy three million eight hundred ninety one thousand five hundred twenty six times, the magic may or may not be wearing off a little. Fine, maybe that was a wee bit of an exaggeration, but if your house is like mine, we've seen it a few times.

Regardless.  A few weeks ago we were asked to put together a collection of vinyl wall decals inspired by the movie, the characters, the themes.  We had so much fun!  And we might have watched the movie - with snacks - a few times for inspiration (grin).  Plus, creating snowflakes and winter designs was lovely wishful thinking in the blistering Vegas heat.

And so we thought we'd show off a little today and introduce you to some of our favorites from our new collection of Frozen-inspired Wall Quotes™ decals.  We hope your little ones'll love them as much as we loved creating them.  Wahooo!

Sister Friend Snowflake Wall Quotes™ Decal
Sisters are the best of friends.  And the sweet snowflake accents make this the perfect accent for a room little girls share.

Sister Princess Snowflake Wall Quotes™ Decal
Don't you just love the scripty cuteness of this design?  Besides, if we learned anything from the movie, it's that it really is more important to be a good sister than to be a fancy princess.

This design is one of our most popular nursery vinyl wall decals.  We thought it only fitting to modify it just a little by adding whimsical snowflakes - for Canadians who enjoy long winters (I'm one of them!) and little girls who love Disney's Frozen.

This design isn't exactly Frozen related, but goodness - what little princess wouldn't love to have a Royal Playroom.  Fabulous, darlings.

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