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Monday, January 27, 2014

Vinyl Frame Tutorial

vinyl frame tutorial 1

Hello, All! Today, I'm so excited to share a vinyl frame tutorial with you all that would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, or even an anniversary! It's easily customizable and a quick craft to complete, as well. Here's the how-to:

Step 1: All you need for this project are this decal from Belvedere Designs, a frame, and a picture (even a pretty piece of patterned paper or fabric would do)!
First time working with vinyl decals? Don't be nervous. Belvedere Designs includes a handy instruction enclosure to help you through the process, plus, an application squeegee to ensure your vinyl creations turn out perfectly. Detailed photo tutorials are also available on their site.

Gather your supplies, and get ready to begin....

vinyl frame tutorial 3

Step 2: Let's begin! We'll be doing this in two parts. We'll first apply the decal to the top of the frame, followed by the decal at the bottom of the frame. Cut your decal in half, position the pieces where you want them, and apply a piece of tape to each to hold them in place.

vinyl frame tutorial 4

Step 3: Using the tape as a hinge, flip up decals and peel off backing. Lay decals back down carefully...

vinyl frame tutorial 5

Step 4: Starting from the center, squeegee the vinyl decals firmly.

vinyl frame tutorial 6

Step 5: Carefully peel back the transfer tape. To do this, start at a corner and peel the transfer tape off at a 180 degree angle-back and down rather than up and away. If necessary, use your fingers to press down on the letters as you peel back the tape.

vinyl frame tutorial 7

And that's it!

vinyl frame tutorial 2

I don't know a mom or grandmother out there who wouldn't love this! This would also make a quick and fun project for a craft night or girl's night in! Head over to Belvedere Designs to pick up this, or one of their many other, vinyl decals!

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