Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dress Up Your Car!

You probably get into your vehicle everyday.  The same ol' vehicle.  Unlike the rooms of our house, vehicles aren't so simple to just repaint and remodel.  Don't fret, there are still many things you can do to your car to express yourself and add a bit of you to it! 

Whether you just want to add a little personality or some business exposure to your vehicle, the Belvedere Designs team is here to help! 

Our team has designed and produced many corporate and small-business logos, mission statements, vehicle stickers, wedding monograms, and even stick families!  We can work with hand-drawn art, photos of your design, and even just a rough idea of what you are looking for and perfect it until you are totally happy with it! 

Below we have a few examples of what past customers have done to "dress-up" their own vehicles!

On the side of this RV our customer has used the Friendship Wall Quote #4 that reads, "No road is long when you are in good company."  The compass to the left is also comes with this quote!

Family stickers are so much fun!  These are just a few ideas on what can be done with these decals. 

This one says, "My Awesome Family."  The words below are totally customizable, and can read your family name or anything you want!

This is probably my favorite of our family stickers.  It's so darn funny!  It reads, "We just ate your stick family."  So instead of the classic stick figure family this is the zombie version of stick figure families.

This is too funny!  This family has two vehicles, one small car that reads, "escape pod" and one family van that reads, "the mothership."  It's just hilarious to me, because if you are taking the kids with you you'll need the van to carry them all, but if you need an escape then you will not be taking the kiddies with you so you'll want to drive the "escape pod." 

Here we have one of our customer's business logos he has added to his truck and horse carrier.

Kitchen Inspiration

The kitchen, by definition, is a room or area where food is prepared and cooked.  We know the kitchen is truly so much more than that!  The kitchen can be some peoples sanctuary, the place where they create delicious meals and try new recipes.  The kitchen also may have been the start to many peoples careers, young chefs and bakers found their calling in the kitchen.  The kitchen may be your hobby so to speak.  Whatever the kitchen means to you, Belvedere Designs is here to help you express yourself, keep you motivated, and make you smile when you walk into the room.

Below we have several examples of what our amazing customers have created within their own kitchens!  Please use this as your inspiration and remember we can always make any custom quote or old saying that you like!

Here is a custom quote that reads, "Good moms have sticky floors messy kitchens laundry piles dirty ovens and happy kids."  This is one of my absolute favorites because too often do moms stress out about cleaning up and this makes for a perfect reminder that it's ok to let a couple things go so you can play and teach your kids! 

 This custom vinyl lettering reads "Chef Lorri."  It gives a plain stainless steel refrigerator some real spice and lets company know that Chef Lorri is passionate about her cooking! 

For the coffee and tea lovers we have these fun wall art stickers!

Here is a simple vinyl embellishment that fits in wonderfully with the cabinet colors and also gives this space a classy and sophisticated feel.

"The Kitchen is the heart of the home"  Kitchen Wall Quote #26

Friday, August 10, 2012

Crazy About Frames!

We love picture frames!  (Who doesn't?)  Picture frames are such a fabulous way to show off your family and loved ones to house guests.  They also double as great conversation starters.  Picking out odd and unique frames and creating a collage is one way to add a beautiful display to any room.  You can even add in a wall quote to set the tone!  We have some great examples from our fabulous customers on how this can be done!

This is simple customized vinyl letters that read, "Veterans Wall of Honor."  Remember, we can make any words you want customized by font, color, and size!

Here is another customized wall quote that reads, "Grandchildren" and in smaller overlaying font reads, "A grandchild fills a space in your heart you never knew was empty!"  This customers wall quote is a gorgeous themed display of all her grandchildren!

This customer choose a Bible verse to go along with her frames that reads, "A generous man will prosper;  He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.  -Proverbs 11:25"

This beautiful quote reads, "On the night you were born, the moon shone with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, life will never be the same."  

Your personal family crest is a great way to show off your family as well as the family name and legacy.  You can choose from any Monogram Vinyl Wall Art Lettering!

Perhaps you have a favorite frame but no art to fit inside, if so consider our Chinese Floral Vinyl Wall Art Stickers.  Simply find some colored card stock, add your decal straight to it, and then frame! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Stairway to Heaven"

When you hear, "Stairway to Heaven" you may think of Led Zepplin, but the Belvedere Designs team has other thoughts! You can easily make your staircase look brilliant with a few simple simple "steps!"  A few of our amazing customers have personalized their stairways with our wall quotes and they turned out beautiful!
This staircase can be read as you walk up, "In this home We do sharing.  We do laughter.  We do mistakes.  We do real.  Sometimes we do silly.  We do our best, we do Fun.  We do I'm sorrys.  We do grace.  We do loud really well.  We do hugs.  We do family. We do awesome.  We do love." 

This is a customized version of Entryway Wall Quote #15  The Belvedere Designs team worked closely with this customer to make all text fit correctly in the space.  This can easily be customized to fit your family and your staircase!

Here's another example, a Mom with a full house added all her children's names on the stairs!

Dining Room Inspiration

The dining room has always been a place where family can be together.  It's important to try and have a family meal together once a week.  Our family tries to get together on Sundays for dinner.  We'll sit, talk, eat, drink, and simply be together!  Sometimes we forget the importance of eating together as a family, but with our wonderful wall quotes we are constantly reminded what is really important in life!  Below we have added a few of our favorite customer photos of their dinning rooms at home that may serve as inspiration for your own dinning room!
"Together is a wonderful place to be"

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"  -Leonardo DaVinci

Friday, August 3, 2012

Display Your Address In Style!

 You take pride in your house and address, so why not display it in style?  There are many ways that our vinyl lettering can help you accomplish this.  One of our customers had an antique family heirloom and added their address to it which made for the perfect touch to this decor piece.  She choose a darker shade than the piece itself, and it turned out to be a chic addition to their front porch!

Another customer simply added the numbers to their address on the glass screen door.  This not only looks great, but is wonderful for younger children learning to remember their address!  There are so many different ways to display your address with pride, let Belvedere Designs help!


Add Enchantment To Any Book!

Do you have a journal or diary?  What about a guest-book?  Maybe you keep a book at the beach house for all visitors to write about their experience or perhaps a book of all your travel excursions.  If you do, then that book is is something very important to you, wouldn't it be great if it also looked enchanting?  One of our customers decided to create a cover on an important journal that gave it a little something extra!  Check it out:

Wow! It's gorgeous and looks like something out of a movie!  It reminds of a "spell book."  This whimsical cover gives this book spunk and an essence of magic and we love it!  Something as simple as this can really spice up any type of book, like a family recipe book that says on the counter in the kitchen or your teen's personal diary!  Should you have any questions with sizing the Belvedere Designs team would be more than happy to assist!

Bathroom Inspiration

Oh the bathroom!  Sometimes we as people tend to neglect our bathroom because it's not a main place for decor like the living room for instance.  The fact of the matter is we spend plenty of time in the bathroom, maybe even more than we realize.  Every morning when you are getting ready to take on the day, be it taking a shower or applying make-up, you are in the bathroom.  Wouldn't you love to walk into a space that is decorated with a great quote? 

Bathroom wall quotes are perfect for many situations.  Perhaps you'd like a little confidence builder in the morning, so add a quote like, "Yes, You are the fairest of them all."  Another example is if you have children and you always want to remind them to wash their hands!  As always, the possibilities are endless.  You can create your own quote with custom colors to match any existing decor, as big or small as you like.  We've put together a few of our customer photos to give you a little inspiration!

Below is a custom quote that reads, "Get Naked."  This one is too funny, and may the perfect touch to a bachelor pad!

 Here we have a travel themed bathroom, so using our Vinyl Postmarks was the perfect touch!

 Below is actually a bedroom headboard that has been cut in half to create a gorgeous accent to the bathroom tub corner!  Scroll Vinyl Headboard Decor #19