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Friday, August 3, 2012

Add Enchantment To Any Book!

Do you have a journal or diary?  What about a guest-book?  Maybe you keep a book at the beach house for all visitors to write about their experience or perhaps a book of all your travel excursions.  If you do, then that book is is something very important to you, wouldn't it be great if it also looked enchanting?  One of our customers decided to create a cover on an important journal that gave it a little something extra!  Check it out:

Wow! It's gorgeous and looks like something out of a movie!  It reminds of a "spell book."  This whimsical cover gives this book spunk and an essence of magic and we love it!  Something as simple as this can really spice up any type of book, like a family recipe book that says on the counter in the kitchen or your teen's personal diary!  Should you have any questions with sizing the Belvedere Designs team would be more than happy to assist!

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