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Monday, October 25, 2010

Want Something Different?

So you've fallen in love with one of our predesigned wall quotes (it's okay, we're not surprised - we're in love with them too). It's fantastic. It would look perfect on your wall. You can't wait to have it. But... you wish you could change just this one little detail. Or the text. Or the embellishment. Just one little change and it really would be perfect.

Well, then. We can help. We're happy to customize any of the designs in our collections. Some like to remove an author's name. Some need a bigger size. Others want to change the layout - from three lines to a single long one. Excellent. Contact us and we'll make it happen.*

Today a customer wanted to change the text for our very popular Family wall quote 'In this Home.' Here's our standard version:

And this is how we customized it:
Now I love both versions of this text. So much so we just might add a second option to our collection. Meanwhile, if you'd like to order the second version, please - contact us! Like I said: we'll make it happen.

*custom fees may apply - contact us for details.

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