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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creating Your Own Custom Wall Quotes

Check out these cool custom wall quotes designed by a recent customer using our uber-cool custom wall quote design tool.

Remember - with this tool you can choose different fonts, colors and sizes to literally create your own design. And - when you place the order, it comes to us with a screen shot of exactly what you see so you know that we'll create it just how you've designed it. Pretty neat, eh?

And if you need help (or advice, or reassurance) - we're always happy to work with you. Just send us an email or call our office. Happy designing !

*These images are the actual screen shots - they're a bit blurry, but the design concept is clear. This is what we see when you place the order. We take the concept and turn it into fabulous wall art for your home - designed by you.

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