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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making A Home Unique

The text on our homepage tells a little about our design philosophy: "our design philosophy is centered around you. We're about adding that little touch of personality to help make your house a home, a haven in a busy world and unique from every other."

Lorraine sent us this photo above of her custom wall quote and told us a bit about its significance in their home:

"We've just put up our wall quote and love it. We have recently had a house fire and have just moved back home after 6 months of rebuilding. We wanted something to remind us of how lucky we are and of just how good it feels to be home. This did the job perfectly. Thank you."

This is exactly what we hope for with every single order we ship out. And it's nice to hear back that it's working - that our hard work makes your house come alive and reflect its most important purpose.

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