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Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Classroom Decals? Yep We Have Them!

There are so many ways to decorate a classroom, but... 

You know what our favorite is? Wall Decals of course! 

They are easy to put up, stay up as long as you need them, and won't damage the walls when it is time for a change. Oh, and with WallQuotes™ Goof Proof Guarantee, you know you won't be wasting money if you are not perfect at installing them! Go ahead and click on that link and see what I mean.

And to help you make this Back to School season fun and decorative, we have some more new decals perfect for your classroom, or hallway, or office! 

Won't this personalized classroom decal look great behind the teacher's desk?

A cute reminder of why teachers really do what they do.

Another take on a classic rules list but with the most important one there at the bottom -
We have Fun!

Have another quote you want up in your classroom that we don't have? No problem! Our designers are ready to work on a custom project for you (at no additional charge of course). Just contact them at and maybe you will see your project featured on a blog soon! 


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