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Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet the Team - Hayden

What you don't see so much on the website and our blog are the hardworking guys in production who make things happen.  Without them, our little family business just wouldn't work and we appreciate all they do so very much.  So today, we get to introduce one of our best production team members.

Birthday? April 4

Favorite Color? Black

Favorite Food? Pizza

Favorite Book? Lord of the Rings

Favorite Sports Team? St. Louis Cardinals & Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite Wall Quotes™ decal? Take the road less traveled (find it here).

Why? It reminds me that I am an individually unique person.

What are you in charge of at Belvedere Designs? Day to day production function.  I make sure orders go out on time and in perfect condition.

What's your favorite thing about working here?  Everyone in the office is nice and easy to get along with; the work is constantly motivating me to do my very best everyday. [Hayden is uber reliable - when we need a job done, we count on Hayden to get it done - love that]

What do you do when you're not making crazy awesome Wall Quotes™ decals at Belvedere Designs? Playing video games, watching baseball, riding ATVs, discovering new music artists.

Seriously, Hayden is a go getter.  He stays late and comes early, puts his head down and gets it done.  We love that kind of attitude on the team and he's a great git-r-done kind of guy.

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