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Monday, March 3, 2014

Vinyl Photo Frames Tutorial

Hi! I'm Melissa and I share my home and projects over at Daisy Mae Belle...
... and I'm so EXCITED to be sharing here today!
I just LOVE the endless ideas over at Belvedere Designs and
I knew that they'd have a solution for my daughter's room...

My middle daughter always has bits and pieces of things that seem to collect in piles all over her desk.
Works of art...the latest photos...newspaper clippings...notes from friends...etc.
If you have a know what I'm talking about!
So with the help of Belvedere Designs, I came up with a fun way to display some of this randomness!
Wall Quotes

Wall Quotes

Washi Tape
Adhesive Strips
belvedere designs07

Cover the clothespin in washi tape.
belvedere designs08

If the washi tape is wider than the clothespin...
Wall Quotes

...trim the excess.
Wall Quotes

Cut adhesive strip to fit the clothespin.
Wall Quotes

Come up with a pleasing display for your vinyl decals, and tape the frames to the wall.
Wall Quotes

Using the tools provided with your vinyl decals from Belvedere Designs, apply them to the wall.
Wall Quotes

Add the clothespins to the top of each frame.
Wall Quotes

Now you have the perfect place for your child to display their random pieces of paper!
Wall Quotes

And it can change so easily with the clothespins!
Wall Quotes

I have a feeling that this wall will be forever changing with new pictures and art work!

Thank you Belvedere Designs for coming up with this perfect solution!
The projects are just about done for her room... on to the kitchen!
I'd LOVE to have you follow along with me!

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