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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Room Wall Quotes #inspiration

The family room, the living room, the gathering room, the entertainment room, the room for relaxing.  Whatever you may call it we'd like to help you decorate it!  This is the room where you watch the big game, the room where you spend time with the family, and the room where you gather your guests- make your family room speak to you and your guests by adding a fitting Wall Quote!

Below we've compiled a few of our customer living room photos.  We hope this will serve as inspiration for you.  Go crazy and make an impression on all house guests with a new bold Wall Quote!


Love Wall Quote #22
This quote is a true classic expressing undeniable love. I just love the font used here and the placement of each word. I also feel like it delivers the message thoroughly.
Inspirational Wall Quote #106
"Do what you love and do it often" This quote is truly inspirational as well as a great reminder to make your self happy and you will lead a happy life.

"Bless this home with love and laughter" Another important aspect to consider when picking out your new Wall Quote is choosing the color. Below our customer choose this brilliant gold for her quote and accented the quote with a special framed gold leaf.


Here we've got a monogrammed family name letter added to a beautiful frame. This makes for gorgeous decor and can't be moved easily!




"Wherever we are together that is home"

"Enjoy the simple things"

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