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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Day Out In Paris

Please welcome our newest Wall Quotes boutique: Paris!  Yes, we adore Paris, and that is why it was irresistible to come up with these marvelous quotes!  Below I've highlighted a few of my personal favorite Parisian Wall Quotes, click here to view the entire collection in our new boutique. 

Paris Wall Quote #11
This Metropolitan Wall Quote has the most awesome font. I'm just obsessed with this font and I love the way it fits together like a puzzle, much like most metropolitan places do.

Paris Wall Quote #18
(hah if only it was that easy!  Wouldn't we all just love to move to Paris!)

Paris Wall Quote #2
For the love of Audrey Hepburn!  Such a classic quote being that Paris is the world capital of shopping with all the best brands like Channel, Dior, Vuitton, and much too many to name!

Paris Wall Quote #3
Here's a fun fact:  Paris actually has over 40 million tourists that visit each year!  Just imagine being with your sweety under the Eiffel Tower lights at night, nothing says romance more than Paris!

Ahh the beautiful sky line, I could totally look at this everyday!

 Paris Wall Quote #9
"That's life" as Sinatra would say!

Peace and Wall Quotes,

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