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Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Do I Take the Letters Off?

Liz emailed today with a great question: "How do I remove these letters? I ask because I'd really love to have one, but I live in an apartment."

Excellent question. And I totally understand the dilemma - you want to have something pretty on your wall, but you can't hurt the paint and you'll have to remove it before you leave. The thing is, vinyl designs are the perfect apartment accessory - they're easy to put up, won't hurt the paint or the texture of the wall and to remove all you need to do is peel it off.

Pick the edge of the letter off the wall with your fingernail and peel away. Sometimes warming the letters first with a blowdryer will soften the adhesive and speed up the process, but it really is as easy as peeling away and tada! you can move in peace (and keep your deposit).

The letters very rarely leave a residue, but if there is a little a standrad household cleaner and damp rag will take care of it lickety-split.

We've had lovely wall quotes in each of our last 3 apartments and when we had to leave, they were a cinch to remove. So there you have it - easy to put on, looks fantastic (you could even brag about painting it yourself if you like) and super easy to take off as well.

The perfect apartment accessory, no?

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