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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blog Reviews

We seem to be getting more and more requests for blog reviews. And of course, we love to participate. Here's one posted a few weeks ago we just heard about today.

Jessica at Jabbering Jessi - a blog of reviews, giveaways and lots of mom-related info - reviewed our Entrway Quote #18 and (of course) loves it.

I love how she says: "nearly everyone that comes to the door comments on it and wants to know where we got it - even the pizza guy!" Now that's great praise (the pizza guy!).

And she comments on how she picked this particular quote: "When we first contacted Belvedere Designs... I received a challenge to pick something 'you can't live without (watch out, it'll be hard!)' I thought oh how hard can it be, wow there were so many beautiful wall designs I wanted them all, the decision was hard for us but in the end I believe we chose just the perfect one for our family."

Jessica's new wall quote

That's exactly what we want to hear at - that you've found just the perfect thing for your family. We hope you're enjoying the holiday season - it's busy here for us and we're looking forward to a little break, but we're loving every day.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Cheers.

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