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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Baking Just Got (a little) Easier

And boy do I have a great idea for you.

Honestly, I've been meaning to post this idea for months.
(months, I tell you)

However, now seems the perfect time. You've got family coming for the holidays, friends to entertain, parties to plan, dinners to make, cheese platters to prep and for sure - newcomers in your kitchen.

A fancy/functional label collection is just the thing to streamline your cooking/baking/grilling/stuffing/poaching routine.

These particular labels grace my not-so-elegant kitchen containers. They're cute and functional (but don't do a thing to keep out toddlers, mind you). I'm working on a few other designs to run the spectrum between no-nonsense and french-chef-flair.

Stay tuned.

Or okay, you could splurge on these super-cool kitchen canisters from World Market.

Or better yet, find uber-cool apothecary jars (thrift stores and etsy are good sources) and add one of our labels (in any awesome color) and tada - super chic, super fast, super cheap. Gotta love that.

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