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Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Discounts

Despite the fact that the weather is still remarkably hot and muggy here in southern California, August (and summer) is officially over. Hence, our new monthly discounts - hoorah!

In honor of the new school year (even for those of us years from matriculation) and new beginnings with sharpened perspective, we've included Wall Quote #7 from our Inspirational II collection:

shown in Chocolate and Latte

And, together with new school schedules comes a new kitchen routine: an earlier breakfast, a brown bag lunch, an after-school snack. What better time to impart the wisdom of the ages than in the kitchen? Take one from the Italians with Wall Quote #9 from our Foreign Language collection.

shown in Teal

And then, the little ones. So many of our family have birthdays in September and October. Celebrate your new one with this delightful collection of baby phrases: Wall Quote #31 from our (collectively adorable) Nursery collection.

shown in Black

Hint: use this collection as a sweet block of art for the nursery, or cut between the lines (and phrases). Then space them around the room as a border or whimsical assortment of baby-ness.

AND - Sunday September 13th is also Grandparent's Day: a great big reason for more great big hugs (and treats if we're lucky). In celebration, our grandparent quotes have also been included as a bonus in our monthly discount section.

shown in Lilac & Light Green

Spoil them silly!

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