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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wall Quotes On Mirrors?

We had a great question today: "Can your wall sayings go on mirrors? I'm afraid of the mirror cleaner hurting it when I clean it."

And the answer is - Absolutely. Our vinyl wall quotes apply beautifully to mirrors and glass and windows. And the cleaner won't hurt it either. In fact, I have one on my mirror in the bathroom and despite toothpaste splashes, water splotches and shower steam, it cleans beautifully and still looks great after more than a year (but sometimes if I use a paper towel the fibers stick in the edges of the design, so I try to use a microfiber cloth instead), so it'll be fine wherever you decide to put it and however you decide to clean it.

In fact, this bathroom wall quote design would be perfect on the mirror above the sink. Or this vinyl letter quote would be great on the vanity in a girls' room and this bedroom quote design would be perfect on a mirror in the master suite.

So there you have it - wall quotes on mirrors: excellent idea.

*And remember - if you have a question, any kind of question, just ask; we're happy to help.

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